Saturday, March 30, 2013

Procrastination at its finest

I am going to run today. But not right now. And maybe not for a couple hours. All that complaining about running in the cold/snow? Well I also don't run in the rain.
Ewww rain......
I mean if I was already running and it started to rain, whatever, I can deal. But heading out into the rain, on purpose, is just not my thing. Sorry not sorry.

So. While I wait for the rain to stop, here is my week in running:

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 2.5 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 5 miles

Wednesday's run was short because I took Rodgy! Our dog park is closed because the parking lot is flooded and there are so many potholes it is like driving on the moon. But he needed to get exercise so he went for a run! He is not the best running buddy because he weaves across the sidewalk, sprints for squirrels, and tries to become best friends with everyone we run by. But it was still a good outing.
Get this stupid thing off my face. Let me off my leash. I crave freedom.

We saw this guy skateboarding in shorts and a t-shirt. That means it is 40 degrees in MN.
Question: how do you make yourself run easy?? I know that nice, relaxed, easy runs are essential for training. But I have the hardest time making myself do them! If I am on a treadmill I just want the run to be over so I'll crank up the speed. And when I am outside I tend to get competitive and try to pass  the people in front of me. Any tips?

In non-running news, I discovered these dark chocolate sea salt caramels the other day:

Holy delicious, my life has been changed. But also. $9 for this box. So these will go onto the "special occasion" treats list. How much are you willing to spend on candy/treats? I mean these are good but so are starburst jelly beans and those only cost $2 a bag at target.

And Mr. B and I are officially house hunting! I am excited and nervous because I have heard that houses are getting snapped up right away- so we need to be ready to make decisions! All I want is six bedrooms, four baths, four thousand square feet, heated floors, a fenced yard, a professional grade kitchen, and easy access to running trails. Kidding!!!!! The only thing I'm serious about is the access to running areas (and maybe the fenced yard for Rodgy).

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