Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So many cute puppies.... little time/space/money to adopt them all.
Firefly. So So cute...would have been a great running buddy!!! Already adopted...

Alfred. One blue eye, one brown. One awesome pair of target mens sweatpants on me. 

I've been volunteering at the Animal Humane Society for about three years now. I walk dogs. In nicer weather I wear running clothes and run with the dogs that are in better shape/bigger. I love it. I don't know if anyone will read this post but if you do and if you are considering a pet...please adopt! The dogs that are adoptable are so loving and wonderful (I'm sure the cats are too...but I am not a cat person so what do I know). They will love their new owners with everything they have....I am amazed that I haven't brought any home with me from my shifts. 

Okay. PSA over. Back to running. I have run for three days in a row! What?! I know, it's weird. Maybe I'm getting a good routine again. Monday I went 5, Tuesday 4, today 6. They have all been treadmill runs which I loathe but since it was -8 windchill today (yeah the first day of spring was yesterday. WTF) I will stay inside until it is at least 30 above. I can't deal with this shit winter weather in March. Once I can start running outside I'll ramp up the mileage.

I think I might have mentioned this but a few weeks ago Mr. B was accepted in the US Half Marathon Championships (hosted by the Gary Bjorkland Half marathon). I was super excited because that meant we got a free hotel room! By the post-race party! For three nights!!! he decided to not race, after all*. His training has been less than ideal (he missed last week for wisdom teeth extraction) and I don't think his heart is in it anymore. Which sucks because 1. I wanted to have a free place to crash after re-hydrating with margaritas and 2. I know how much he loves racing/running and I know this decision is hard for him. But he was going to aim for at least under 68:00 which takes a lot of time & effort...and if his heart isn't in it, what is the point??

*disclaimer: Mr. B. has "retired" and come back to racing more than once. He's like Brett Favre. So I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of weeks he changes his mind. Time will tell...

Have you ever adopted a pet? Aren't they just the BEST???
How can I talk Mr. B. into racing the half (so I can get a free room)? 
What is your favorite post-race beverage? Water/chocolate milk does not count. I'm talking, 4-7 hours post race. The fun kind of drink.
Mmm crisp and refreshing.


  1. awww! I tell my husband every year that all I want for my birthday is to go to an animal shelter and play with puppies. He always forgets. But it really is something I crave so bad! Very good of you to spend time with those pups, I'm sure the happiness gained goes both ways. And congrats to Mr. B for his acceptance, hope he gets the bug to train again. 68:00 is just freakin crazy. I'm getting a tooth pulled out on Monday and am sad I won't be able to run for a few days.....waaaahh.

    1. Be careful if you go to a shelter...they are so irrestistable!!! You might end up with one or two new pets! I hope the tooth pulling goes well. It is a good excuse to eat ice cream and smoothies.

  2. Sweet blog you have here Julia! I'm glad I came across you :)