Monday, March 25, 2013

I knew it.

What did I say about Mr. B retiring? That he would probably un-retire sooner rather than later. And damn it I love being right. He jumped back on the running train on Saturday (if anyone is wondering that is only two days after I posted his retirement).

This weekend was downright balmy here in MN so on Saturday I ran 7 miles outside with my friend Meg. When we finished we were greeted by these little buddies:

Ari, on the left, and Biscuit
Ari is my old roommate Heidi's dog, and Biscuit is her boyfriend's dog. When Meg and I lived with Heidi, Ari was our #1 running buddy. I think he ran about 50 miles a week with us. Now he is a little older so he tops out at about 5 or 6 miles.Who is cuter? Ari or Biscuit?

There was a big road race in St. Paul this weekend. I did not race, and neither did Mr. B., but he had quite a few friends out running. I love road races- even just cheering- so we went to hang out.

And they're off! Look at those pasty MN legs!!! 

Sprint finish.  The guy on the left won by just under one second.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has a great running community and has several club teams that you can join to have people to run with. There is a good club racing circuit as well and it gets pretty competitive!!! I've thought about joining one before but am a little apprehensive. Have you ever run with a club/team (besides HS or college)? What did you think?

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill today. Not too good, not too bad. The best part was refueling:
Robin eggs!!!! THE BEST.
Be honest. Is refueling the best part of working out?


  1. Guilty! fueling AND refueling are the best part! When I was running home yesterday I started thinking about what I was going to eat and got really excited about black beans (weird, I know) and definitely started running faster.

    1. hmmm can't say I've ever had a craving for black beans! But hey, whatever works for you. Anything to keep running!!!

  2. I have yet to get the whopper eggs... what am I thinking!?! Thanks for the reminder... Target calls!

    1. Yes! I think they are on sale there. Better stock up.