Saturday, March 30, 2013

Procrastination at its finest

I am going to run today. But not right now. And maybe not for a couple hours. All that complaining about running in the cold/snow? Well I also don't run in the rain.
Ewww rain......
I mean if I was already running and it started to rain, whatever, I can deal. But heading out into the rain, on purpose, is just not my thing. Sorry not sorry.

So. While I wait for the rain to stop, here is my week in running:

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 2.5 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 5 miles

Wednesday's run was short because I took Rodgy! Our dog park is closed because the parking lot is flooded and there are so many potholes it is like driving on the moon. But he needed to get exercise so he went for a run! He is not the best running buddy because he weaves across the sidewalk, sprints for squirrels, and tries to become best friends with everyone we run by. But it was still a good outing.
Get this stupid thing off my face. Let me off my leash. I crave freedom.

We saw this guy skateboarding in shorts and a t-shirt. That means it is 40 degrees in MN.
Question: how do you make yourself run easy?? I know that nice, relaxed, easy runs are essential for training. But I have the hardest time making myself do them! If I am on a treadmill I just want the run to be over so I'll crank up the speed. And when I am outside I tend to get competitive and try to pass  the people in front of me. Any tips?

In non-running news, I discovered these dark chocolate sea salt caramels the other day:

Holy delicious, my life has been changed. But also. $9 for this box. So these will go onto the "special occasion" treats list. How much are you willing to spend on candy/treats? I mean these are good but so are starburst jelly beans and those only cost $2 a bag at target.

And Mr. B and I are officially house hunting! I am excited and nervous because I have heard that houses are getting snapped up right away- so we need to be ready to make decisions! All I want is six bedrooms, four baths, four thousand square feet, heated floors, a fenced yard, a professional grade kitchen, and easy access to running trails. Kidding!!!!! The only thing I'm serious about is the access to running areas (and maybe the fenced yard for Rodgy).

Monday, March 25, 2013

I knew it.

What did I say about Mr. B retiring? That he would probably un-retire sooner rather than later. And damn it I love being right. He jumped back on the running train on Saturday (if anyone is wondering that is only two days after I posted his retirement).

This weekend was downright balmy here in MN so on Saturday I ran 7 miles outside with my friend Meg. When we finished we were greeted by these little buddies:

Ari, on the left, and Biscuit
Ari is my old roommate Heidi's dog, and Biscuit is her boyfriend's dog. When Meg and I lived with Heidi, Ari was our #1 running buddy. I think he ran about 50 miles a week with us. Now he is a little older so he tops out at about 5 or 6 miles.Who is cuter? Ari or Biscuit?

There was a big road race in St. Paul this weekend. I did not race, and neither did Mr. B., but he had quite a few friends out running. I love road races- even just cheering- so we went to hang out.

And they're off! Look at those pasty MN legs!!! 

Sprint finish.  The guy on the left won by just under one second.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has a great running community and has several club teams that you can join to have people to run with. There is a good club racing circuit as well and it gets pretty competitive!!! I've thought about joining one before but am a little apprehensive. Have you ever run with a club/team (besides HS or college)? What did you think?

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill today. Not too good, not too bad. The best part was refueling:
Robin eggs!!!! THE BEST.
Be honest. Is refueling the best part of working out?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So many cute puppies.... little time/space/money to adopt them all.
Firefly. So So cute...would have been a great running buddy!!! Already adopted...

Alfred. One blue eye, one brown. One awesome pair of target mens sweatpants on me. 

I've been volunteering at the Animal Humane Society for about three years now. I walk dogs. In nicer weather I wear running clothes and run with the dogs that are in better shape/bigger. I love it. I don't know if anyone will read this post but if you do and if you are considering a pet...please adopt! The dogs that are adoptable are so loving and wonderful (I'm sure the cats are too...but I am not a cat person so what do I know). They will love their new owners with everything they have....I am amazed that I haven't brought any home with me from my shifts. 

Okay. PSA over. Back to running. I have run for three days in a row! What?! I know, it's weird. Maybe I'm getting a good routine again. Monday I went 5, Tuesday 4, today 6. They have all been treadmill runs which I loathe but since it was -8 windchill today (yeah the first day of spring was yesterday. WTF) I will stay inside until it is at least 30 above. I can't deal with this shit winter weather in March. Once I can start running outside I'll ramp up the mileage.

I think I might have mentioned this but a few weeks ago Mr. B was accepted in the US Half Marathon Championships (hosted by the Gary Bjorkland Half marathon). I was super excited because that meant we got a free hotel room! By the post-race party! For three nights!!! he decided to not race, after all*. His training has been less than ideal (he missed last week for wisdom teeth extraction) and I don't think his heart is in it anymore. Which sucks because 1. I wanted to have a free place to crash after re-hydrating with margaritas and 2. I know how much he loves racing/running and I know this decision is hard for him. But he was going to aim for at least under 68:00 which takes a lot of time & effort...and if his heart isn't in it, what is the point??

*disclaimer: Mr. B. has "retired" and come back to racing more than once. He's like Brett Favre. So I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of weeks he changes his mind. Time will tell...

Have you ever adopted a pet? Aren't they just the BEST???
How can I talk Mr. B. into racing the half (so I can get a free room)? 
What is your favorite post-race beverage? Water/chocolate milk does not count. I'm talking, 4-7 hours post race. The fun kind of drink.
Mmm crisp and refreshing.

Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness

No, not March Madness like the NCAA tournament (although that is fun- go Gophers!!) but madness like, oh my gosh this March has flown by so far!

This past weekend I headed to Wisconsin for a bachelorette party. My friend has a cabin up there so instead of doing the stereotypical party we did a flannel and beer weekend in the woods!
Wisconsin Trifecta: Spotted Cow Beer (only sold in WI), Green Bay Packers, and Cheese Curds

A display from one of our bar crawl stops in Hayward. Those are taxidermied (sp?) raccoons boxing.

It was a great weekend but no running was done. Instead I did some plank/yoga stuff which resulted in crazy sore triceps. I was also reunited with my friends/roommates of three years.

Hampshire Unite! 
In general, however, running has not been great. I am only getting about 20 miles per week. But as Mr. B reminded me this morning, there are still 14 weeks until my half marathon. And once this latest blizzard melts (that's right. More snow. Curse you MN weather) I can get back outside for long runs!

I also am planning on signing up for some races! These will force me to run since I'll be paying money to do them!

The Get in Gear is a great race and is MN road racing tradition ( I'm thinking I'll do the 10k. And then there is the Medtronic TC 1 Mile which in May. This race has hosted the road mile championships in the past (David Torrence holds the record at 3:58 for men, and Sara Hall ran 4:30 for the women's record). I will clearly not be contending for those times but it is so much fun and the pro runners are amazing to see in action! However....I know how much the mile we'll see about that one.

Do you plan on watching any NCAA basketball?

- I never do except during the tournament. that is why my bracket is always the worst.

Have you ever run a road mile?

Ever have spotted cow beer? Favorite kind of beer?
- I love dark beer- porters and stouts- but those are hard to find in Wisconsin bars for some reason.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A bad run.


I'd like to begin this post by saying...SERIOUSLY, enough with the snow Minnesota. I know, complaining about the weather doesn't change a damn thing about it...but come on:

Mother nature says "Screw you and your commute, enjoy 9 inches of snow!"

This guy says "screw you mother nature, this machine is awesome". But since Mr. B & I are cheap/renting...we use a shovel. 

Anyway.  I had to get that out there. San Diego, San Antonio, San Juan...really any of the southern Sans sound like heaven right now.

So I ran on the treadmill today. And I'm not sure what happened. I wanted to run an hour (20 min WU, 30 min workout -3 min hard 2 min relaxed times 6, 10 min CD) but after the 4th interval I had this terrible feeling like I was going to vomit all over my treadmill! It was so bad that I jumped off and headed straight for the bathroom...I didn't throw up but felt so gross I just called the run at 5 miles.

Have you ever thrown up during or after a run/workout/race?

I never have- I have felt like it, especially after really hard workouts in the heat (and today I of course). Mr. B has after one workout (that he has told me about at least). Is it because your body is working too hard? Or because you ate something crazy? 

I took yesterday off (sometimes even running can't cure a terrible day at work) and on Sunday I went 5.5 on the icy sidewalks with my friend Meg. We are both training for the half marathon and I'm glad I'll have someone to do the long runs with!

Normally I am not a fan of food photos on blogs. But Mr. B and I made the best dinner last night that I can't resist bragging. 

Veggies (kale, onion, tomato, zucchini, mushrooms) sauteed with garlic, white white, and olive oil.

Orzo. Pretty straight forward. I added some oregano and rosemary.

Combine the two with a little asiago/parmesan/mozzarella..LOOK OUT rachel ray.

It was sooo good! 

Any snow where you are? If you have some spare frequent flier miles to spare so I can come visit?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I miss track.

Hello! What a glorious weekend in Minnesota. Sunny and 30 above! I saw people running in capris!

Today Mr. B and I traveled to Northfield, Minnesota to watch Day 2 of the MIAC Indoor Track Championships. Many Division III track and cross country athletes are familiar with the facilities at St. Olaf College, and being there today brought back so many memories! I ran my slowest mile and set my mile PR there, ran my first decent collegiate race there, and met some awesome running friends there!
A runner warming up on the upper track.

Now that I am old, I don't know many of the runners from my alma mater, but Mr. B has been an assistant coach for the men's team for a couple years. So, we thought it would be a fun "date". And it was! Our men's and women's team dominated the overall titles, and several athletes had great races. The only two girls I still know (sort of) rocked it out. Here is proof:

Taylor en route to winning the 1k in 2:52 (she won the mile the day before in 4:55!! She also ran 17:00 for 5k earlier this year. )

Erin running the 3k (she won in 10:19 after a slow first mile. She has run 17:10 for 5k. I feel slow and old).
As fun as this was, it made me (and Mr.B)  so nostalgic for our track days! Seeing all of these amazing athletes running/jumping/throwing (?) their hearts out made me miss those days so much!! I loved that feeling of finding that last gear and just pushing past competitors and setting a new PR. Or just winning (I never won an individual title but our team won every year!). Of course I don't miss the "track hack" that comes with indoor season- that nagging cough caused by the dryness of the facilities.

Anyway. It was a good day and very good for motivation. When we got home Mr. B and I went for our runs- he went 10 miles and I did a hill workout! It was my first one in...a while. But it felt great. It was about 5 miles total.

Other runs for the week:
Thursday: 5.25 (10 min WU 2 min, 4 min, 6 min, 4 min, 2 min hard)
Friday: 6 (45:00)

I think my weekly total is  28 miles. I'd like to get up to about 60 mpw for the half marathon so I've got a ways to go. It should be easier to get miles in once the weather gets better but in Minnesota..that may never happen.

Have you ever run on an indoor track? Ever been to Northfield (also home to Malt-o-Meal products, so the town smells like brownies all the time)?
Do you like or dislike hills?
- I don't mind them because it is a good workout that is over fast!