Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A bad run.


I'd like to begin this post by saying...SERIOUSLY, enough with the snow Minnesota. I know, complaining about the weather doesn't change a damn thing about it...but come on:

Mother nature says "Screw you and your commute, enjoy 9 inches of snow!"

This guy says "screw you mother nature, this machine is awesome". But since Mr. B & I are cheap/renting...we use a shovel. 

Anyway.  I had to get that out there. San Diego, San Antonio, San Juan...really any of the southern Sans sound like heaven right now.

So I ran on the treadmill today. And I'm not sure what happened. I wanted to run an hour (20 min WU, 30 min workout -3 min hard 2 min relaxed times 6, 10 min CD) but after the 4th interval I had this terrible feeling like I was going to vomit all over my treadmill! It was so bad that I jumped off and headed straight for the bathroom...I didn't throw up but felt so gross I just called the run at 5 miles.

Have you ever thrown up during or after a run/workout/race?

I never have- I have felt like it, especially after really hard workouts in the heat (and today I of course). Mr. B has after one workout (that he has told me about at least). Is it because your body is working too hard? Or because you ate something crazy? 

I took yesterday off (sometimes even running can't cure a terrible day at work) and on Sunday I went 5.5 on the icy sidewalks with my friend Meg. We are both training for the half marathon and I'm glad I'll have someone to do the long runs with!

Normally I am not a fan of food photos on blogs. But Mr. B and I made the best dinner last night that I can't resist bragging. 

Veggies (kale, onion, tomato, zucchini, mushrooms) sauteed with garlic, white white, and olive oil.

Orzo. Pretty straight forward. I added some oregano and rosemary.

Combine the two with a little asiago/parmesan/mozzarella..LOOK OUT rachel ray.

It was sooo good! 

Any snow where you are? If not...do you have some spare frequent flier miles to spare so I can come visit?


  1. oh yikes! I hope you're feeling much better!
    I've never thrown up from running/racing, but I've had a treadmill run that felt like what you described (Except mine stopped after about 1.5miles).
    hope you're all okay now. I felt like my episode coulda been due to something I ate! hmm

  2. I actually threw up during the Chicago Marathon 2011... yes, that's right, during it. I had acid re flux around mile 14 and it just was NOT going to stay down.

    It probably isn't a surprise then that Chicago was my worst marathon :)

    1. Oh no!! During a race would just be the worst- and at mile 14??? I am so impressed that you kept going after that!