Tuesday, December 4, 2012


A weird thing happened today.

I woke up before my 5:00 alarm! It was Rodgy's fault- he sleeps with me & the mister (I know, it is not good for us, blah blah blah i don't care he is cute and cuddly!) and he was being all twitchy at around 4:50. So I just bit the bullet and got up.

I had the brilliant idea to run to the gym, run on the treadmill, and then run home. I thought this was the perfect plan because:

1. the Pioneer Press website said it was 38! That is downright balmy!
2. too much treadmill makes me stabby
3. running outside on Saturday was so fun I wanted to do it over again.

Well the Pioneer Press needs to hire a new weather service because it was not 38! It was freezing and windy! The gym is only 1.7 miles from our place so at least that was over quickly. I ran 3 more miles on the treadmill, then back home for a total of 6.4 today. The run home was way less windy but since I was wearing my sweaty treadmill outfit under my outside running gear, I did have a little chill going on.

In other news...Rodgy was busy chewing on one of his favorite treats yesterday:


Running shoes! He has starting gnawing on the right heel pad...thank goodness he didn't get too far so they are still wearable! He has eaten a pair of the mister's asics before- to the point that they were not even suitable for mowing the lawn.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wild Weekends

I never thought I would say this...but TGIM (that is thank god it's monday). After a weekend filled with Crazy, I am glad to be back at work and in my little routine.

To rewind a bit- I failed at Running on Friday. I had another night of too much sewing not enough sleeping.

However! On Saturday I met up with a dear friend/ex-roommate/teammate for an outdoor run! The MN weather has turned to spring-like again so we wanted to take advantage while we can. We ran from my apartment and after spending time on the treadmill (me) and flat lake roads (her) my neighborhood hills felt ten times worse! When I mapped our run then elevation chart said it was a number 5 on the scale, which means:

HC Climb Rating Cat 5 Climb - These rated climbs are the least difficult of all the categorized climbs. The exactly same methodology is used in determining their difficulty as Cat 4 climbs but they the least difficult of all the rated climbs. All climb scores are based on distance, grade/elevation change, and maximum elevation (www.mapmyrun.com)

So I guess even though I felt like dying ...our hills rated the easiest?! Well that's nice.

After the run my friend & I had to hurry up and get ready for a track & field recruiting alumni panel at our alma mater. We, along with about 8 other track alum, sat in front of a group of recruits to talk about our experiences on the team. It was so great seeing our old coach and reliving all those past workouts and experiences. It made me miss track so much!!! One of the younger alums wants us to get in shape to run some indoor relays...Not sure about that yet!

Immediately after the track event the Mister and I hopped in the car for a trip to Green Bay for the Packers- Vikings game! Although I have lived in MN my entire life, I became a Packers fan after the Mister (a hard core Packers fan through his father) and I started dating. Neither of us has ever been to an NFL game before so we splurged and got awesome seats (10th row!!) and called the trip our birthday presents to each other.

Go Pack Go!
Well that experience was ridiculous- from the fans to the tailgating to the Packers WIN, it was a great time. If only the drive home wasn't so foggy and we didn't get back to Minnesota so late....

Because of our late arrival and needing to get stuff done last night, I overslept (story of my life?) and did not run this morning... back on the wagon tomorrow!