Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness

No, not March Madness like the NCAA tournament (although that is fun- go Gophers!!) but madness like, oh my gosh this March has flown by so far!

This past weekend I headed to Wisconsin for a bachelorette party. My friend has a cabin up there so instead of doing the stereotypical party we did a flannel and beer weekend in the woods!
Wisconsin Trifecta: Spotted Cow Beer (only sold in WI), Green Bay Packers, and Cheese Curds

A display from one of our bar crawl stops in Hayward. Those are taxidermied (sp?) raccoons boxing.

It was a great weekend but no running was done. Instead I did some plank/yoga stuff which resulted in crazy sore triceps. I was also reunited with my friends/roommates of three years.

Hampshire Unite! 
In general, however, running has not been great. I am only getting about 20 miles per week. But as Mr. B reminded me this morning, there are still 14 weeks until my half marathon. And once this latest blizzard melts (that's right. More snow. Curse you MN weather) I can get back outside for long runs!

I also am planning on signing up for some races! These will force me to run since I'll be paying money to do them!

The Get in Gear is a great race and is MN road racing tradition ( I'm thinking I'll do the 10k. And then there is the Medtronic TC 1 Mile which in May. This race has hosted the road mile championships in the past (David Torrence holds the record at 3:58 for men, and Sara Hall ran 4:30 for the women's record). I will clearly not be contending for those times but it is so much fun and the pro runners are amazing to see in action! However....I know how much the mile we'll see about that one.

Do you plan on watching any NCAA basketball?

- I never do except during the tournament. that is why my bracket is always the worst.

Have you ever run a road mile?

Ever have spotted cow beer? Favorite kind of beer?
- I love dark beer- porters and stouts- but those are hard to find in Wisconsin bars for some reason.

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