Friday, April 5, 2013

Eleven days in a row.

As of yesterday, I have gone for a run 11 days in a row. Full disclosure: I'm not sure if running 2.5 miles with Rodgy can actually count as a run. The first 1.5 miles definitely counts- he loves to go out hard- but at that point he puts on the brakes and it is a slow jog back in. But at least I got out, right??

Are you blaming me for short runs? I'll kill you with my laser eyes.
Anyway. This week I am at 28.75 miles. I know that is not a lot compared to some crazies...but I'll take it!

Sunday: 6.75 miles @ 7:24 pace. I ran from my house and I'll never do this route again. West 7th between St. Clair & Randolph is sketchy by car...and even worse on foot. Broken glass? Old undies on the sidewalk? Pass!

Monday: 4 miles @ 7:45 pace. Treadmill. Nice and easy

Tuesday: 6 miles @ 7:24 pace. I'm nothing if not pace-consistent. I did a treadmill workout- 10 minutes WU, followed by 3 min hard/2 min moderate (six times) and then a short CD to get me to 6 miles. I think my 3 min portions were at 6:50 and the 2 min were at 7:30.

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 7:01 pace. Somehow this run ended up faster overall than my workout. I'll chalk it up to running outdoors, by the lakes, in the beautiful sunny weather, on my half day (oh yeah every Wednesday is a half work day for me!). I also ran about 2.5 miles with Rodgy after but I didn't log those.

** BONUS I bought a new running shirt on Wednesday! It is just a simple one from Nike but I love these shirts. Loose enough to be comfy but not too baggy.

Nike Legend Women's Training Shirt
I even got it in this crazy hot pink color.

Thursday: 5 miles @ 7:15 pace. Another nice outdoor run. I went to the river in St. Paul. It was crazy packed with runners and walkers! That always makes me so happy, seeing everyone out and about.

So, am I going to keep this streak alive? Run everyday for the rest of my life? Ha. No. My legs are feeling a little sad, and I am stressed out about work and therefore did not get good sleep at all last night. So, tonight I will grant myself a day off. Have a nice weekend!

Sketchiest place you have every gone running?
Where do you draw the line at counting miles as "runs"? Is it a certain pace? Distance? I usually say it has to be three miles... but I made an exception for my 2.5 mile Rodgy run.


  1. Ahh! I swear I've been to the Nike Outlet multiple times looking for a shirt just like that. I have very blah colored running shirts and wanted a hot pink one to add to my collection. Where did you find that?

    Also -- minus West 7th, I miss running in St. Paul! I used to live in Highland Park and loved running around there!

    1. I found it at Run N Fun- the one on Randolph & Victoria. I love it.