Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Boston Day!

I love watching races!! Major kudos to the Boston Athletic Association for the great, free, online coverage. I am of course cheering for Shalane and Kara (like we are on a first name basis...) but realistically, I don't think either of them will win it.

Are you watching Boston? Any predictions?

The past week was a little rough for my running. On Sunday I ran 10 miles at about 7:10 pace, then 4 easy miles on Monday, and then my hill workout on Tuesday (that probably totalled 5.5 miles). I ended up doing 8 hills and felt great during the workout.

Then the rest of the week...I did not run. I think I jinxed myself, talking about running 11 days in a row. On Wednesday I took Rodgy to the dog park.

Where are my friends??? Why am I so dirty??
It was nasty and muddy from the rain/snow nastiness so we had it to ourselves. It was actually too gross to hang out for long so we ended up going for a walk.

I honestly can't remember why I didn't run Thursday. Fail by me.

Then it was time for Girls Weekend. For Christmas, my three younger sisters and I got together to plan a fun weekend for our mom. So we booked a hotel room and planned some major estate sale-ing, dinner, and a show (Neil Diamond cover band!).

Unfortunately, besides the estate sales, the weekend was a major bust. The weather was shitty (what a surprise), we all felt sick by Saturday evening, and there was just tension overall. So instead of dinner and a show, we got pizza and beer and wine in our room and watched HGTV (I'm so glad I don't have cable- I would never leave my house if I had that channel).

Estate sale finds from a school closing. These will go to my teacher friend.

My sister and me. We inadvertantly matched our outfits.
My estate sale finds included a ton of sewing patterns, fabric, and a steam cleaner! I can finally get those muddy puppy prints out of my car!

I did run on Sunday with my sister who I am running the half marathon with. We only did about 3.5 miles because I still felt sick. Then I got sick, about 5 times yesterday. I'm feeling much better today so I'm planning on 7 miles after work. We are still having atrocious weather but I can't take any more treadmill time, so I'm hitting the lakes.

Have you ever been to an estate sale? Any good finds?
How sick do you have to be to skip your run?

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