Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I need a bike

Not because I am going to start competing in triathlons (I am a TERRIBLE swimmer) but because the most annoying thing happened tonight!
Poor little Mazda.

I was sideswiped!!! I have never been in a car accident and am always super paranoid about getting into one...and now, it's happened. I am fine, the other driver who hit me is fine...but our poor cars are both pretty beat up. My timing is impeccable since I can borrow a friend's car for the weekend (Thanks L!). But it still sucks being without my car.

Before the curious incident of the car and the other car, today was turning out to be great! It's my half day so at noon I enjoyed a 6 mile run (6:45 pace) in our lovely weather. I'm not even kidding about the weather, it was sunny at 50 degrees! Then Rodgy and I hit up the dog park, followed by two hours of dog walking. Just look at this face:
You know you want to cuddle this little honey....

I am so surprised that I still only have one pet.
Husband of the year, Mr. B., shoveling the snow

Other running:

6. 75 miles on Saturday (7:10 pace)
8 miles on Sunday with Meg (7:28 pace)
Snowstorm Monday, did not run-----------------proof-------->
7 miles Tuesday (7:10 pace)

My plan for yesterday was to warm up 15 minutes, then run 30 minutes harder (I was hoping for 6:40 pace) and then cool down for 10-15 minutes. Hmm no. Didn't happen. I felt like crap. The "hard" part of my run felt like sprinting, but when I checked my pace I was running 7:00 miles! In fact, it felt so crappy that I decided to modify the workout into three ten-minute chunks of hard running. And that didn't go any better. I ended up calling it after 15 minutes of total hard running and just did a normal run back in...and the last couple miles ended up being 6:50 pace.

I'm chalking the run up to just a bad day- those happen, I'll deal with it and move on. I have a 10k on Saturday so I hope that goes better!

Have you ever been in a car accident?
Ever had one of "those" bad running days? Are these from being tired? Dead legs? The impending full moon?
Random question:  where do you buy most of your running clothes? Online? Local store? Big-name store like Dick's or Sports Authority? Have you ever bought consignment running clothes?

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