Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Blues

Wellll my alarm mysteriously did not go off this morning.... so I did not go run!

To be honest it did go off at 5 as planned, and I somehow managed to stumble out of bed and turn it off. Not press snooze, but turn it off. Then my back up alarm clock (just for general getting ready) did not go off. So, I slept until 7!

It felt great actually, and was probably needed. I didn't go to bed early because I got in the "sewing zone" making a dress for one of my sisters. Sometimes when I'm in the sewing zone I start thinking "oh I can just sew up those darts/cut those pieces/hem that skirt in the next five minutes" and then before I know it an hour has gone by and my sewing area looks like a herd of kindergartners were set free in a fabric store.

This is the dress I'm making for S:

View B, in a cool purple rayon batik
print. She is a tiny sprite of a girl and I
think it will look good.

I'm also making dresses for my other
sisters, M & K, but haven't finalized
fabric/pattern choices yet.

Tomorrow I am going to get up at 5 and
run! I swear! No take backs...even if I
stay up until 11 finishing this dress

Line Drawing

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