Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cuddling vs Running

As I mentioned, the following tips are supposed to help you wake up for an early morning workout. Here is how they worked for me today:

1. Set everything out the night before.
  • This was helpful because I didn't waste time trying to find my socks/sports bra/shorts...but I did forget to set out my sweat towel (none are provided at the gym), headphones, and a t-shirt to change into after my run... so I guess I need a checklist of "gym stuff".
2. Put your alarm clock out of reach.
  • This was the cruelest, yet most effective tip. I set my alarm in a place that I had to actually get up to turn it off. BRUTAL. I did press snooze (ignoring tip number 6) but I didn't fall back asleep like I normally would.
3. Go to bed earlier (WHAT! Mind blown....)
  • Didn't happen. Probably would have helped. 
4. Program coffee maker the night before.
  • Ugh I wish I had remembered to do this...
5. Meet up with someone
  • Not an option because I don't know anyone else that goes to this gym :( but I did see a colleague (not someone I'd call to meet up though)
6. Have a "no snooze" policy
  • See number 2....oops. I guess this habit will be hard to break. I love my snooze button!
7. Plan the work out before you wake up
  • I did plan out my workout in my head as I was falling asleep. I guess this helped? I didn't really have to fret about what I would do once I got to the gym, and it was nice having a goal.
So- how successful was this attempt to wake up early? My alarm was set for 5...and I got up at 5:20. There was part of me (okay about 75% of me) that wanted to say screw it and just get more sleep and cuddle Rodgy.

Who could resist cuddling with this little guy??? Creepy sleeping pic courtesy of the mister. Please note the phone next to us...sometimes I'll keep it in bed after the first alarm goes off...so I can press snooze over and over and over....
But I knew I wouldn't go work out tonight, and of course I'm glad I went.

The workout itself was pretty boring. 5 miles- 10 minute warm up, then 5x 3 min hard, 2 min easy, and maybe 4 minutes cool down. I know I should take more time to recover but the treadmill already is the worst. Don't judge.

Tomorrow I am going to try to get up at 5, just like my alarm says to....and I want to get 6 miles in. Here's hoping that is successful!!!

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