Saturday, November 24, 2012

The ghost of runs past....

I almost didn't even make it to the gym this morning. My key fob thing (is that what it is called? ) was missing. I was resigned to sneak in to the gym using the mister's key fob but it turned up in the back of the car... so I was one part relieved (they charge $35 to replace those bad boys!!) and one part annoyed because I had spent 20 minutes tearing the house apart looking for it.

Anyway. The gym was less packed than anticipated for a Saturday morning. I hopped on a treadmill and thought up a nice little workout to make the run less than torture. I figured I'd do 10 minutes warm up, then five times three minutes hard, two minutes easy. The warm up was fine so I turned the pace to 7:13 (just starting to get back in shape...this used to be a long run pace....) and put my towel over the time/distance/pace screen. The treadmills at the gym each have a TV on them so I switched mine on just in time to catch the greatest show ever- SportsNation Turkey's. This show featured some goofs and misses that made me actually laugh out loud, at the gym, during a workout- and made my first three minute repeat turn into six minutes total, without even realizing it. So the workout changed to six minutes hard, three minutes easy (twice) followed by three times three minutes hard, two minutes easy ( I think?). Whatever- it was 5 miles total in 37:47. 7:33 pace overall.

I checked my running log from 4 years ago and I ran 6.5 miles at 7:23 pace. Thinking about how easy running so fast used to be usually makes me frustrated.   I know why I not as fast as before (helloooo weeks off at a time...) and I know what I need to do to be at that level of fitness again. It is just that actually committing to that again is not easy- which is part of the reason I started this blog.

I love to run. I love to be fast and I love to work hard to be fast. I want to again challenge myself to become the best runner I can be.

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