Friday, November 23, 2012

Old Man Winter

I'm sorry to say that winter has finally arrived in Minnesota. We've had a lovely, mild autumn, and  yesterday was 60 degrees (!!!)..but all good things must come to an end. It is barely above freezing this afternoon.

Winter running is one of my least favorite things ever....well, at least most days of winter running. I used to be tough, and ran outside on all but the most brutal days. One of my favorite runs was a day in December or January back in college, and my coach told my fellow distance girls and myself to go out for 45 was windy, sleeting, and freezing, but we toughed it out together and ran outside. When we got back inside and thawed, our coach (who was bundled up in a floor length down coat) commented that maybe we shouldn't have gone outside. Too little, too late for that Tim!

Now that I am an old lady that is no longer running every day with my ten best friends, I have found that I am also not as tough as I used to be. Running outside in the winter is something I cannot bring myself to do alone! Unfortunately, treadmill running is its own kind of challenge/hell so running inside is hardly a preferable alternative. I have bounced around from gym to gym all over the area, from the posh (Lifetime SLP!! I'll never get over your luxury....) to the less flashy  (YMCA in WSP-my HS locker room beats this place) but none of these gyms have made the treadmill experience less terrible.

However. I'm not an idiot. I am lucky to be able to afford a gym membership and to live in an area with trails/well lit streets. So no excuses this winter. I am going to run at least 5 days per week, so when the beautiful Minnesota summer rolls around, I will be in shape to enjoy those long runs on the river and lakes.

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