Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter will never end.

I know I am being pessimistic, but I swear that every day it is more and more wintery, even though spring is allegedly one month away.

On Wednesday it was 15 degrees above zero when I went running. In the old days, when I was tough and young and forced to run outside, that would be no big deal. But I am older, and wiser, and have a gym membership, so it is hard to resist the siren call of the treadmill. But I did resist in favor of an outdoor run with my friend. She was done with clinic at noon and I don't work Wednesday afternoons anymore, so we got a nice 8 mile run in the sunshine! I think it took a little under an hour. We were slowed down because I guess no one in St. Paul shovels their sidewalk?! Lots of tiptoe running over ice patches and hurdling over snowbanks. I've seen people wearing those rubber straps on their shoes to help with the snow & ice but I've never tried them. Maybe they would help the slipping...

Tuesday's run was a treadmill run...I think I went about 6.5. I accidently hit the emergency stop button about one song in and I have no idea how far I had gone at that point, so I just ran 6 more miles. I took yesterday off because I had no time...I had book club to host! Our book this month was "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. Normally I am a bad book club member and don't read the book but wow this one was so so good! It is about is an Olympic runner and his WWII experiences. It is a biography and I was amazed by the terrible things this man went through. I highly recommend the book.

What is your favorite book about running?
Ever try the shoe strap things? Yay or nay?

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  1. It Has definitely been a muuuch colder winter this year than last over here. hmph. Over it!
    I don't have one of those shoe thingys, but I've read some blogs who use them quite regularly and they seem really, really impressed with it!