Friday, February 15, 2013

Oww my arms! My legs! My abs!

Soreness is all that I feel today and all that I felt yesterday. I am dreading going for a run after work.

Last week I won three free personal training sessions from my gym.I love personal training because the trainers usually have great ideas for new workouts and exercises that I can use to switch up my routine. This was no exception. The trainer and I talked a while about my goals (good thing I just made some...) and what I like and don't like about working out, and then we got to work.

Have you ever seen or done a rope workout?

I've only seen this at my current gym and always thought to myself, well that looks crazy, but also easy.

NO! It is not. Those ropes are heavy. The point, I believe, is to work on muscle endurance. You loop the rope around something heavy, and start moving your arms to make a wave pattern with the rope. I quickly learned that my left arm is a dud and sucks at rope exercises.

We moved on to core work with medicine balls, lunges with kettlebells, and hamstring exercises with my feet in these strap things hanging off a big metal frame ( I know that is super descriptive and technical, so I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about).

I got a pretty good workout in, and definitely felt tired at the end (I think it was thirty minutes?). I ran three miles and that was a struggle after the legwork. But wow, I was pretty creaky yesterday & today.

My next session is tomorrow. I want to get at least 7 miles in before and I hope that I don't regret that if I am supposed to do lunges during personal training....

Personal training: yay or nay?


  1. Oh my gosh, I have been wanting to do a rope workout! I see the Biggest Loser contestants do it, and gets me feeling jealous! So weird! I like to do the rope climb at the gym, but that's the most I've ever done with ropes.

    1. Rope climb, where you shimmy up the rope? That is hard core.

  2. I secretly looove that sore feeling..:D
    I think PT's are sooo good..but i'm just so intimidated and a bit shy to go to them. I'd find it so hard to work out in front of someone like that!

    1. I agree about it being a little intimidating- especially when it is some jacked guy...I feel like when I tell them my strength training is usually pushups once a week they just laugh inside.