Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm In!

I got in to the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon! I'm actually not too surprised...I've gotten in every year I've registered and I actually wonder if everyone gets in. The fact that you have to enter the lottery might just be how they entice people to enter- because you might not get in! My sister got in and we'll see if Mr. B decides to run it. He would get "elite" status and a free hotel room! So I hope he does because hello free hotel! I just hope that he doesn't have to share a room with another runner because then I am out of luck!!

Mr. B loves chocolate chip cookies. He has been trying to perfect his recipe for a while. Here is his latest attempt:

Not great. The dough is delicious....but the cookies are so flat!!! I think it is because the recipe has butter and so the dough just spreads out. Any tips for making thicker, more substantial cookies???

Could I bring more stuff with me to the gym?? Two sports bras, two shirts (I change between my run and core work/stretching...I sweat a lot okay?!?! it is totally normal), a sweat towel (I'm serious....a lot), deodorant, sweatpants, sweatshirt, headphones, Ipod, tablet,  makeup remover, socks, headband....
Packing up

I ran about 6 miles outside yesterday- more ice hurdles and dodging slush. I ran hard up the hills on my route to give myself a little more of a workout. Tonight I went 6 miles in 44:20 on the treadmill. I felt bad because the gym was pretty full and there was a lady trolling the cardio machines, waiting for someone to get off their machine. But this gym doesn't have time limit signs or anything so...wait your turn!

I will leave you with one of the cutest Rodgy pics (of February):

So so cute!!! He is wiping his nose or something. Rodgy went a little too hard at the dog park yesterday and hurt his hip. He really exploits his injury and demands extra treats. What a lover.

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