Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Running Bucket List

Does anyone use Flotrack at all? I used to go to this site every single day- to log my runs and to get inspiration by watching the pros or top collegiate athletes in workouts. Although I don't go there as often I still get updates and the one today is a new blog post by Nick Symmonds.

He is not just a hot nutella spokesman...he is a hot & fast runner too.

The post is called "My Running Bucket List" and is a list of the goals he drew up when he started as a professional runner. While his list includes trivial things like make second Olympic team, win a world medal, and win an Olympic medal, he also includes some very legit goals, like run sub 5 for the beer mile. Seriously, the beer mile is a real thing.

Despite being nowhere near the caliber of a runner that Mr. Symmonds is, I thought I would write down my own running bucket list. So, here goes nothing:

1. PR in the 5k : My current PR is from an indoor race. I would LOVE to beat this time in a fast road race.
2. Run sub 1:25 half marathon. This is 6:39 pace... I think this one is for sure doable.
3. Run a marathon! I have always resisted the marathon because I *hate* when people assume that if you haven't run a marathon you aren't a "real runner". I have always considered myself a "real runner" despite never having run a marathon. But I am thinking about running Chicago this year. It is supposed to be a nice flat course so I could potentially run a good time....we will see! I only have 7 days to decide though because sign up starts on the 19th!
4. Run a destination race. College track trips do not count. When Mr. B and I were in Puerto Rico last month we found out about the World's Best 10k...how fun would it be to run a race like that during vacation (okay maybe not fun...but still)? It would be a great way to experience the city and be part of the running world far from home.

I guess that completes my bucket list for now.... Although it would be fun to get my old beer 4x4 team together this summer to see if we could PR.

Have you ever run a beer mile (or 4x4)? Was it as fun or as terrible as you imagined it would be?
Do you have any big bucket list goals for running?


  1. YES for PR's and i hope u add multiple PR's to that bucket list. :) and yea, i'm a fan of the beauty of flotrack...hehe

  2. woooowwwee at your 1/2 time. Freeeaken amazin.
    I don't even know what to say to people who don't think you're a real running if you haven't done a marathon..that just..I don't even know. lol!!
    Great goals!!