Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh hey there

I'd like to say that my now random posts are because I'm out running all the time...but mostly the lack of posting is caused by a bunch of other, non-running but equally awesome things!

Running life:

Still low key due to left hip/butt pain. Many days of stretching/strength without running. Of course, I am still doing track workouts. Last week we did 2x1000, 2x800, 2x400 at 5:55 pace. This one did not feel good. In fact, we had planning on running 5x1000 but after the first two Meg, Larissa, and I agreed that we needed to cut down. It was a good idea, and we still got a good workout in. Are the 400s really going to help for a 1/2 marathon? No, but they are so much FUN to do (seriously, I love them; that statement is not intended to be sarcastic!).

This past Saturday I ran with Meg and her husband Ben. We did 12.5 miles, part of it through Hidden Falls, a beautiful wooded trail. For the first time ever, I tried using fuel during the run!

When I worked at the Running Room, I was always amazed by those people who would come in and buy a case (!) of their favorite gels/chews/powders. I mean, you have to have a serious allegiance to that crap to spend $40 on the same flavor. I have no such allegiance since I had never used anything but water (or whatever sport drink is on the course) during a run. I knew I didn't want a gel so I figured something that was fruit-snack like would be my best bet.

My two options.

I settled on the cranberry apple chomps (with 1x caffeine, whatever that means) and the mountain berry chomps. We only tried the chomps during our long run. I think I had one at 6 miles and 9 miles. The didn't make me feel sick, but they didn't make me feel awesome either. So...I think the jury is still out for me.

Non Running Related (NRR):

Mr. B and I rented some Nice Ride MN bikes to get ourselves up to Grand Old Day in St. Paul.
Figuring out the system.
This was fun and it was nice to avoid dealing with the parking, but DAMN those bikes are heavy and I was a huge wimp and had to walk my bike part way up the Kellogg Street hill (I didn't want to be all sweaty walking around the festival!).

Dairy Queen sells smores blizzards! They are pretty delicious. In my opinion, the mini size is plenty...
The graham cracker chunks are the best.
Do you use fuel during your runs? What distance is long enough for you to use it? Does it help for real, or is it a placebo effect?

Have you tried the s'mores blizzard? Thoughts?


  1. I also think the mini size is plenty but I haven't tried the s'mores flavor yet! But might just have to this weekend :)

    1. It is worth the $3 or however much they are charging these days!!

  2. I've been having that butt pain thing too. It really hurts-what is it? My husband says sciatica.I need it to go away.

    1. I'm not sure what it is yet- maybe piriformis syndrome?? I think that might be related to sciatica but I'm no doctor...