Friday, May 31, 2013

Real LIfe: 1 Julia: 0

It has been one of those weeks (or one and a half weeks?). I feel pretty much zapped of all energy after a crazy week at work, plus some crazy stuff going on in my non-running/work life...does this mean I'm a "grown up"?? So this post is going to reflect the disjointed nature of my thoughts. 
  • I mentioned that during the Athleta 10 mile race I tweaked something in my left buttcheek area. This is still bothering me- not quite as bad as before, but it is a mild irritation. It might be piriformis syndrome (yep that is a wikipedia link- everything on wikipedia is true, right?) I have been rolling and stretching like a maniac.
  • Because of this, I have kept my running to a minimum. Except for track workouts.   
  • Wednesday I met up with Meg and Larissa to run some 1200 repeats. We ran them slightly faster than 6:00 pace. I believe we did 4 total with about 2:00 recovery between each. This workout actually felt okay until we decided to run the 3rd repeat clockwise on the track. That made it flare up a bit.
  •  To try and avoid worsening my leg, I took it pretty easy the rest of the week- short runs of only 4 or so miles. 
  • Sunday I did 10.5 miles from my house, including some wicked hills. My butt felt okay. 
  • Tuesday: Track workout- 2x400, 2x800, 1x1200, 2x800, 3x400, at 5:55-6:00 pace, with 90 seconds recovery (plus some bonus seconds recovery after the 1200).
  • I wore heels to work yesterday and I think that cured my butt pain. 
  • My sister Kit moved to Seattle for the summer so I have to go to estate sales on my own. 
  • Mr. B and I put an offer in on a house...and it was accepted! I'm cautiously excited... I've heard horror stories of things falling apart at the last minute. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen to us! 
This weekend I'd like to get two solid long runs in, or maybe a long run and a race. We'll see.

How was you past week or so? Is anyone else crazy busy?
Favorite ice cream flavor? 

And to avoid this being a boring words only post:

Get this. You'll thank me later. 

A delicious Odell Cut Throat Nitro from the Groveland Tap.
At least someone like the mud from all the rain.


  1. Hope you heal up quickly!

    Work is about to get really crazy for me, too. That ice cream looks amazing! I love salted caramel ice cream. My new fave ice cream is Sweet Science Ice Cream -- but Izzy's is always good too!

    1. Yes I can't resist Izzy's or Grand old creamery! So delicious!

  2. I think I have that same butt thing. I hope it goes away.

    1. I hope it goes away, too! It is frustrating to deal with.

  3. I'm not sure if there is a Cherry Berry near you...but yesterday I had Salted Carmel Pretzel fro-yo there! I hope that butt cheek keeps feeling better!