Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Track Again!

It is a lovely day here in Minnesota- finally sunny, and finally warm! Maybe we'll get summer after all?

Proof! Sunshine!! And Irish Wolfhounds as big as horses. Yes, I dog creep.  
I took Friday & Saturday off after the one mile. My legs just felt tired so I figured the break would be nice. I didn't avoid running altogether, as it was the conference track meet at my Alma mater!
Go Tommies!
I love track meets...I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority, but I really love watching races! There is so much drama and so much great competition. And at track meets you get to see the intensity of an all-out 100 m dash, the strategy and battle of a 5k/10k, the potential hilarity of the steeplechase, and the perfect timing (or not) of sprint relays.

4x100 hand off between 1st and 2nd leg. So stressful just watching!
Being at the meet definitely brought back some great memories. I love running on the track. I think it is the monotony of the circles over..and over...and over...you can just get on pace and run. Plus it is nice to see where your competition is at all times (unless you are getting lapped I guess). 
With that in mind...tonight I'm running another track workout! I am running with Meg, her husband, and Larissa, a former teammate. I'm not sure what we'll do yet but it will be nice to have a group to run with! As I mentioned, it is hot today (85 degrees!) and I've been hydrating like crazy!
My other running so far, all with old teammates: Sunday 6.7 with Kalsey, yesterday was 6ish with Allie. Not the greatest so far but I'm hoping to buckle down and be consistent this week! Stay tuned...
Just a random picture of Rodgy cuddling. You're welcome.

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