Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well this one has snuck up on me...

So, the Gary Bjorkland 1/2 marathon is this Saturday. Whaaaaaat???? How did it sneak up on me so quickly? I feel like just yesterday I got my confirmation email and now...there is no going back.

I would say I'm about 80% prepared for this race. Sure, I've been doing long runs and track workouts (my 400 meter repeats will totally help me sprint the last mile). But mentally? I'm so not there. I think it is because I don't have a serious time goal in mind. My plan is to run with my sister to pace her to sub 1:40 and just enjoy the day- I think it is supposed to be nice out. So we'll run the race, relax, and then enjoy the evening festivities!

My hip/butt pain has not gone away. I have been stretching and everything but it is still bothersome. I'm thinking of seeing a chiropractor. I have never gone to a chiropractor before- my only experience with them is through my job (I'm in health insurance) and all the ones I deal with seem a little shady (maybe that is why they are out of network?). But I've been researching some local options and think I have found one that might work.

Oh- one last running related note. Last week Meg, Larissa & I ran 11 x 400 (plus meg and I did a bonus 200 at the end while Larissa engaged beast mode and did the full last lap). It was SO MUCH FUN. There is something about running 400 repeats...they are long enough so you aren't sprinting but short enough that you don't struggle mentally/feel annoyed that you are running so many laps on a track. We started at 90 seconds and worked down to 78. I just can't get enough!

 We finally got some sunshine in Minneapolis this weekend! My friends & I took advantage and enjoyed some rooftop/patio bar hopping.
@ Lyndale Tap House
 At our last stop....we saw a guy dressed like a tomato!! He and the other guys with him (tomato wranglers I guess) were promoting the Midwest Tomato Fest. I have never been but it looks disgusting yet fun.

Tomato man dancing.
Tomato man scrunched up in the tomato, preparing to jump.

So yeah. That is about it. I'm taking a half day on Friday to drive up to Duluth and *hopefully* avoid the mad rush getting up there at 5. We'll see how it goes!!

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Thoughts on this type of treatment?
Favorite patio/rooftop bar in your area?
- I really like moto-i and amore victoria. They are nice and low key compared to some others around here.


  1. Ahh! So hard to believe its race week! (I'm doing the full) This is a stupid question...but on a normal track a 400 is what? half a lap? A full lap? I've never known...

    1. I am starting to get pretty excited about the weekend! On a normal outdoor track, 400 m is a full lap (run in lane 1).

  2. Ahh! So hard to believe its race week! (I'm doing the full) This is a stupid question...but on a normal track a 400 is what? half a lap? A full lap? I've never known...

  3. We're also taking off around noon and heading up there. Good luck with the drive! And it'd be fun to run into you :)

    I also like moto-i and Amore Victoria. The Liffey is nice too!

    1. Maybe we'll sit in road construction together?! It would be great to see you too-I am going to try to catch Deena Kastor's talk at 3:00. I've never been to the Liffey- I'll add it to my list!

  4. I had a similar butt/hip pain. My doctor's initial diagnosis is inflammation of the joint. He has me resting but not sitting or sleeping on that side, and advil every 6 hours. No pressure (so my massage was the wrong thing to do) no stretching. So my yoga was wrong as well. If it doesn't feel better tomorrow (it feels a lot better now) when I run I will go to an orthopedic doctor. The lesson. Make sure of what you have before you treat it. Get better!