Sunday, January 5, 2014

Race Planning

It is time to make a rough schedule of races for 2014! Here is what I am thinking so far:
  • Meet of Miles (1 Mile), January 13: This is an indoor meet held at the University of MN. It is only $5 to run! I've never done it before but my understanding is that you sign up in heats according to your estimated finish time. 
  • Securian Winter Run 5k, January 25: You get a mug! Perfect for filling with coffee and Bailey's after a cold run. 
  • Irish Run St. Paul 8k, March 24: I don't think I've run this one before- the 8k distance is kind of unique and this is in my neighborhood.
  • Get in Gear 10k, April 26: I've done it before, it is a fast race, and I love 10k races.
  • TC 1 Mile, May 8: Fun stuff.
  • Gary Bjorkland Half Marathon, June 21: Hopefully I get in. My sister wants to run it again and shoot for a 1:30 finish time
  • TC 10 Mile, October 5: Love this race.
Of course, this is preliminary. But I like having an idea of upcoming events to train for. 


39:30 for 10k
5:25 or faster for 1 mile
1:30 or faster for half marathon
1:05 for 10 mile

Do you schedule races out far in advance or are they last minute decisions? Do you have a favorite race distance?


  1. YES for planned races and double yes for you writing out your goals!! putting them out there! :) good luck this year and can't wait to read all about your amazing adventures. btw, we need more $5 races!

    1. Thanks! I agree, $5 races need to be more plentiful!

  2. I'm also hoping to do Gma's half, and I'm doing the Loony Challenge, so I'll be doing the 5k, 10k, and 10miler during TCM.

    1. Good luck with the Loony Challenge! I am sure you'll do great- what an awesome goal!

  3. I'll hopefully be seeing you at Get in Gear and Grandma's! Oh, and maybe the 1 mile again :)

    1. We'll have to meet up at one of these races!!