Monday, December 30, 2013

December Lull, Running gifts, and dogs, of course

I'm honestly a little embarrassed by my running so far in December...up until this last week, it has not been a good month! We've been hit with some really cold weather and snow. I know, weather should not be an excuse, especially since I still have a gym membership.

Beautiful morning run from early December.

The runs that I have done have all been just okay.  Besides the standard 4-6 mile runs, I have done a couple of workouts on the treadmill-two miles warm up and then .7 miles hard (about 6:22 pace) and .3 easy x 4, and a mile CD. Running a workout on the treadmill is so much easier than going for a distance run.  Those people that can do that (a long run on the treadmill) must have a special sense for ignoring the time/distance slowly ticking by, or have a really amazing playlist to listen to. Mr. B ran ten on the treadmill the other night like it was no big least he admitted to me later that he wasn't a fan. After that he has done his runs outside- even the long 17 milers in close to 0 degrees!
That is why I got him a running jacket for Christmas- the Nike Element Shield full zip:

Nike Element Shield Full-Zip Men's Running Jacket
I went to Run N Fun, of course, and they had so many options! It took me a long time to pick out a jacket for him. Running clothes can be tough to buy for others since there are so many options and everyone likes different features. But I knew I wanted to get him one with the cuffs that extend over the hand with thumb holes, wind and water resistance, reflective strips, and a longer back than front. This one met all those requirements, plus it wasn't as flashy as some of the others. So far I think he really likes it!

Mr. B provided me with some of my own running goodies for my birthday and Christmas! My birthday present was a Garmin Forerunner 10. I love it. It is the most simple option they have, and that is perfect for me. All I want is the time, pace, and distance, and that is exactly what I get. I think you can download the runs onto the Garmin site too so that you can see splits and other stats. I always used my watch and online mapping site to figure out my runs, and then I started using the map my run app when I got my new phone. But the Garmin is a lot less bulky than my phone so no more running with the phone!
He also gave me the Nike Element Shield pants:

Nike Element Shield Women's Running Pants
Photo from mine do not fit this snugly; I like my pants to have a little room.
And the Nike element half zip:

Nike Element Half-Zip Women's Running Top
pic also from I can't get enough shirts with thumb holes!!
Plus, some Smartwool socks! Very nice and warm. I think there's a saying that goes something like "there's no bad weather, just bad clothing" (or did I make that up? Did my college coach make it up to trick the team into running outside?). In any case, the new gear definitely makes outdoor running more tolerable when it's frigid and windy. 

Rodgy did not get any running stuff for Christmas; he got a new rope toy and he loves it. 

Here are some more pictures of dogs, since one dog picture is clearly not enough:

I found this black dog wandering the streets of St. Paul on my way to run some errands. He had a collar on so he clearly belonged to someone but there were no tags or anything. He was a sweetie, and jumped right into my car when I called him. I took him to the Animal Humane Society where they scanned him for a microchip, and luckily the information was current, so dog and owner were reunited.

Ari, my old running buddy. His mileage these days is even lower than mine so he's put on a few pounds. Still a lover though!!!

Thumb holes in running tops: Yay or Nay?
Did you get any running gear for a holiday gift? What kind?


  1. score for running gear!!! :)
    i'm sooo sorry u live in a state with REAL no really, ugh, the cold is not fun so i'd totally be treadmilling it up. props to Mr. B for taking it outdoors...dang!
    and you'll get thru the lull...i'd recommend making gym dates a definite, write them down if u have to...and keep dreaming of when the sun will come out!

    1. Yeah the MN winters are a pain in the butt! I've updated my 5 am gym alarm so I get a motivational message to get out of bed and to the gym.... fingers crossed!

  2. I love my Forerunner 10. I got some Oiselle clothing for Christmas and gift cards which I used to buy new running shoes :)

    1. I've heard Oiselle makes some nice running clothing. I haven't tried the brand though. Running gift cards are great too!