Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not dead

In case you are wondering, I am not dead. I haven't been a good runner, or running blogger, but I also haven't passed on. I believe my last post was sometime in February, for a race I ran in January, so what was already a belated start to the year turned into a seven month lag! Here are some highlights from my life (running and otherwise) in that timeframe:

Travel! Mr. B. and I went to Ottawa, Canada. He went for work, I went for poutine.

Mr. B running across the bridge!
Air Canada loves fitness!

Also, travel to Salt Lake City! Mr. B for work, me for fun.
Driving into Park City, if I recall correctly. 

More travel! Summer trips to Ely:
And tons of weddings, bachelorette parties, and other fun stuff.
I walked down the aisle with the stud on the left.

From a WI Bachelorette. Those are real animals. 

Anyway. I entered a pretty aggressive running slump in about February. Was it the polar vortex, a burnout from running pretty consistently for almost 15 years (and now I am old), or something else? I'm not really sure, and I can't quite put my finger on what happened. I had spurts of running days in a row followed by many days off. Even throughout the spring and summer I was having a lot of problems getting myself motivated.

I did have several races as running goals, and to date none of them have happened! I'm partially disappointed, but two races (The TC 1 mile, and the Minneapolis Half Marathon) were both cancelled the day of the race due to weather. The Gary Bjorkland half marathon ended up being the same day as a wedding I was in so I wasn't able to sign up for that. Then, since I wasn't in great shape, I held off from signing up for any races.

This has started to change, however! Mr. B wrote up a training plan for me, which I have honestly not been following as faithfully as I should be. But I am signed up for the TC 10k and look forward to that race! The course is a bit tricky as it is an out and back and incorporates a pretty big hill about a half mile in. On the bright side, that means there is a downhill a half mile to the finish!

So, I'm optimistic. I still really enjoy running but the motivation and drive to become better needs to get back! Stay tuned.

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